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Alibris connects people who love books, music, and movies to thousands of independent sellers around the world. Search over 60 million used & new books, music, & movies to find great deals!

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Alibris connects you to thousands of independent book, music, and movie sellers around the world. With over 60 million used, new and hard-to-find titles, we have what you're looking for!

BookCloseouts is the bestseller of bargain books on the internet. All of our products are offered at 50-90% off the list price. A wide range of quality books at low prices. We offer excellent Customer service both by phone and e-mail, and have a 100% product guarantee.
With over 5 million books, and new inventory received every day, Our long list of book categories include Sports, Childrens, Computer, Craft, Gardening, Cooking, Health, Parenting, General Fiction, just to name a few.

eCampus is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way for college textbooks online, as well as the best destination for savvy internet shoppers from all demographics seeking the best deals on trade books. eCampus has the largest in-stock selection of new and used textbooks available online, and maintains a wide selection of trade books.

Religious & Inspirational

Family Christian Stores
Family Christian Stores is America's leading specialty retailer with over 300 locations in 38 states dedicated solely to the Christian retailing market. Our mission is to offer an extensive selection of high-quality, Christian-related products of exceptional value from both a retail and online experience.
We have something for everyone – magazines about everything from supermodels to supernovas. We’ve got something for your niece, your grandmother, your uncle and you.
Our prices are the guaranteed lowest. We work directly with magazine publishers to secure the lowest rates for our customers.

Ignatius Press
Christmas Gifts
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Christian Culture
Christian Books
Current Issues
Education, History Inspirational
Marriage and Family
Morality, Philosophy
Catholic Priesthood
Religious Education
Saints, Scripture
Spiritual Life
Teens, Fiction
Textbooks, Theology
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